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Game Jam 2021

Woah! That was amazing! It was my first time on such an event, but for sure not the last one.
I was responsible for:
sculpting in Zbrush one of two unique characters;
doing 2 completely differents rigs with "real time simulations" - dynamic joints
27 unique animations, baking them into loop cycles and cleanup
fast reskinning and applying 2 others characters onto finished rigs...
which resulted in 4 characters, 40 animations usable in UE4.

Within 48h we managed to create a multiplayer maze-runner - Risk of Loss, where the maze is being generated around the character in real time. The gameplay allows for up to 4 players connected via LAN and Steam.
If you’re interested, the game is available in the link below.

Krzysztof Marcinowski - coding, Unreal
Tomasz Dabert - light and enviro, Houdini, Unreal
Julia Szmit - FX artist, Houdini, Blender, Unreal
Łukasz Walichnowski - character/asset artist, Zbrush, SP, Unreal
Wiktor Jarmonik - rigging and animation, Maya

Download link: